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If you’re ready to volunteer, click the button! If you want to learn more about Christmas Refresh and how you can serve, watch the video and read about different opportunities below!

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve more families than we have before. If you are able to provide gifts for our friends, click here.

Christmas Refresh is Green Valley’s way of sharing the story of Jesus with the community around us. Through the generosity of the people at GV, we are able to provide gifts for hundreds of people in need. But Christmas Refresh isn’t just about the gifts. We want to take the time to develop relationships with the people in this ministry through conversations, meals, and service and let them know that they are welcome in this church. Because Jesus loves us and gave Himself for us, we want to mirror that here in Hoover.

But it takes a lot of people to pull this off. Here’s how you can serve:

  1. Setup – On Sunday, December 3rd, we’ll work to have everything in place for Christmas Refresh on December 9th.
  2. GV Kids & GV Pre-school – We want our friends to bring their young children with them while they shop for gifts. For kids 5th grade and under, our volunteers will share the Christmas story, play games, make crafts, and eat snacks with these young people.
  3. Parking/Greeting – We want to make a great first impression! This team is all about big smiles, enthusiastic welcomes, and smooth transitions.
  4. Check-In – Warm, friendly, and detail-oriented, this team gets our friends checked in, leads their kids to the correct area, and sets them up with a host to do their shopping!
  5. Hosts – This team is the heart and soul of Christmas Refresh. You’ll be connected with a family and walk them through the process from start to finish. In the hour or so you’re with them, you’ll develop a relationship and get past the chit-chat to really learn more about them and share the love of Christ with them.
  6. Gift Wrapping – Tearing open presents is a huge part of Christmas for everyone! You’ll work with a team of wrappers to ensure each family receives the gifts they’ve chosen and spend time praying over each recipient while you serve.
  7. Food – While the presents are wrapped, our hosts and friends will sit down for a meal. The food team will work to make sure the food is stocked, the cafe area is clean, and that our hosts have what they need to have those deep conversations.
  8. Loading – This team puts all the finishing touches together. You’ll gather the presents, add the extras, and help our families move their stash to the car for departure.
  9. Reset – After the last family leaves, we’ll reset the church to be ready for worship Sunday morning!

Now that you’re ready to serve, click the button to register as a volunteer!