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REFRESH WEEK will be an annual outreach event for groups and individuals in the fall of each year. It will be an opportunity for us, as the church, to go into our community and refresh others with simple acts of kindness.

Proverbs 11:25 says, A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

How will it be organized?

Every Sunday Morning Group or Life Group will be asked to decide on one particular Refresh Week project to carry out as a group. Each project, once approved, will need to happen on any one day beginning Saturday, October 5 and continuing thru the following Saturday, October 12.  Small groups needing assistance in project ideas can use the list provided below or use their own specific gifts, talents and contacts in planning their project. The key is to be creative and to find genuine needs that can be met in our area of influence. Each group will be responsible for securing resources and for any costs associated with their Serve Week project.

Should I let the church know the project our group is planning?

Yes! Each small group leader should communicate their planned project by email to meubank@gvbc.org. We will keep a list of each project on our REFRESH WEEK page which will be available on the Green Valley website. Knowing about each group plan will help us ensure that we do not duplicate projects and that each project is prayed for specifically. We recommend spending time planning projects based on the group’s size and commitment level.

What will I need to wear or bring to serve?

Refresh Week T-Shirts will be available in the church common areas and office to pick up prior to the event. They will be given out at no charge to those who are serving. Individuals should bring any personal items they may need during their project including drinking water, hat, gloves, etc., depending on the nature of the project. Leaders can confirm any project-specific items or tools people may need to bring.

How will we celebrate what God has done?

Refresh Week Celebration Day will be on Sunday, October 13. We want this to be a party to celebrate what God has done, including testimonies, videos and photographs of projects completed during the week prior. Options include, having your group sit together, everyone wearing their t-shirts and we will have a parking lot party as people come to church. In addition, we will encourage groups to share their pictures and stories via social media. Be sure to tag us in your posts and use the #gvrefreshweek

What if I have more questions or need help with organizing my group?

Leaders or individuals should not hesitate to email or call the church if they have questions regarding proposed REFRESH WEEK projects.  We will provide a list of frequently asked questions and answers in addition to a weekly email beginning September 8 to update and remind leaders of important details before the week happens.