GV Missions

Your child’s safety and security are a top priority of our team. Children in preschool and elementary school all check-in from the same convenient location in the lobby of the preschool and kids building off of Tamassee Lane. At check-in, you and your child will receive matching security labels. When it’s time to pick-up your child from their small group, parents will need to show their matching security label.

If for any reason we need to contact you during your time on our campus, we will send you a text message. When you receive the text, meet one of our staff members in the check-in area and they will take you to your child’s room.

Our preschool building remains locked at all times when kids are present and our security team is constantly monitoring the area—both in person and through security cameras. Each staff member and volunteer is required to have a completed a background check on file as well as receive training on our policies, guidelines, and safety procedures.

Located outside of the Worship Center. This special area is designed for mothers with infants to feed and care for their baby in a private environment where they can still hear the service. The room is equipped with gliders, a changing station, and an audio broadcast of the worship service.