Use this request form when you need a graphic for either print or digital use.

Please include no more than one type of print and one type of digital graphic in your request (i.e. a handout and slides). This helps us to keep everything straight and ensures that a communication plan isn’t necessary.

  • Print – Fill out the print portion of the form if you need anything printed (ex. t-shirts or handout). For items printed in-house allow for a 1 week turn around. For items printed out-of-house allow up to 3 weeks for the design to be completed, sent-off, and delivered. *Some items may arrive sooner if using local printers.
  • Digital – Fill out the digital portion of you need something that will be used digitally (ex. slides or website graphic). If your digital graphic is a part of an existing design brand (i.e. greater) allow for a 1-day minimum turn around. If your digital graphic requires new logos or branding allow for a 1-week turn around.


    PRINT GRAPHIC Complete this portion if you need your graphic to be printed (t-shirts, banner, booklets, handouts, signage,etc). If you need a digital graphic, skip down to the digital graphic portion. In-House print items may take up to a week while out-of-house print items may take up to 3 weeks for completion and delivery.

    DIGITAL GRAPHIC Complete this portion if you need a graphic for digital display (ex. slides, social media, website, etc). If you need graphic for print complete the above portion. Web graphics may take up to a week to complete.