Graphic  |  Video  |  Consultation  |  Communication Plan 

Graphic Request – Use this request form when you need a graphic for either print or digital use. You will see two separate request types under this form–print and digital. Please include no more than one print and one digital item in your request (i.e. handout and slides).

  • Print – Fill out the print portion of the form if you need anything printed (ex. t-shirts or handout). For items printed in-house allow for a 1 week turn around. For items printed out-of-house allow up to 3 weeks for the design to be completed, sent-off, and delivered. *Some items may arrive sooner if using local printers.
  • Digital – Fill out the digital portion of you need something that will be used digitally (ex. slides or website graphic). If your digital graphic is a part of an existing design brand (i.e. greater) allow for a 1-day minimum turn around. If your digital graphic requires new logos or branding allow for a 1-week turn around.

Video Request – Use this request form whenever you need a video. This could be a highlight video, announcement video, bumper video, life story, etc. Videos require a lot of moving parts and can take a considerable amount of time to plan, prepare, shoot and edit. While highlight videos after an event can be completed rather quickly, videos that require various creative elements may take upwards of 3-weeks to complete.

Consultation Request – This is a brainstorming session or pre-communication plan meeting. This is where you can toss out ideas and we can bounce them around to help you define the direction you need to go in. The goal of these meetings isn’t to come out of them with a fully formed idea, but with a better understanding of the direction you need to head in for your event or other communication. Please allow 3-days for a consultation to be scheduled.

Communication Plan – A communication plan is needed for any event, activity, or function that requires 3 or more creative requests (i.e. banner, handout, social media graphics, highlight video, etc). These are especially helpful for high impact, front door events. This form is where you brain dump and “pitch” your ideas/needs for your event. Help us understand your vision and communicate the desired outcome. Once we have received your submission we will schedule a time to discuss your plan, determine your needs and a course of action. Majority of events require a communication plan to be submitted at least 3 months before the event. Read the guideline below to see where your event might fall.

  • VBS (5 months) January
  • DNOW (5 months) October
  • Upward (5 months) August
  • Christmas (3 months) September
  • Easter (3 months) January/February depending on when it falls
  • August Kick-Off (2 months) June
  • Flourish (2 months)
  • Harvest Festival ( 2 months)