In our GVBC nursery we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment.This allows us to facilitate the healthy growth of babies and families into the image and likeness of our Creator. We want our babies to know right from the start how much their Heavenly Father loves and cares for them. We believe they learn of God’s love through our loving actions. Our prayer is that our babies will come to know and rely upon God throughout their lives.

When babies are brought to the nursery a trained volunteer will greet you and help transition your baby into the classroom. Just outside the door there is a place for you to write any helpful information our volunteers will need to know as they care for your child. When you return to pick up your child you will receive a brief summary of their time with us, including diaper changing and feeding information.

Our volunteers feel strongly that our nursery is a ministry opportunity. It’s also a place where we as volunteers become even more awed by the wonder of God as we care for His children.

Sunday—Bible Group-9:15

During our small group time 9:15-10:30, preschoolers are introduced to activities that are fun and welcoming. These activities are designed to make the children feel drawn into the room. Not only do they help the children become more comfortable in their classroom, they also introduce new concepts they need to understand the Bible story. After a time of large group worship in the Treehouse, preschoolers return to their classrooms to participate in a variety of activities that help them apply what they have learned.  Each activity reinforces that month’s Bottom Line in a fun and interactive way.

Sunday—Worship in the TreeHouse-10:30—3K, 4K & 5K

After a fun time with classroom friends, children are ready to begin the Worship hour at 10:30. Preschoolers take the first ten minutes of this time to have a snack and take care of any restroom needs. At 10:40 preschoolers are taken to the TREEHOUSE, a large group worship area designed with preschoolers in mind. In this Large Group time children come together to hear the truth of God’s Word. During worship, children are encouraged to openly express their love for who God is and praise Him for all He has created. We often begin our worship time with a children’s literature book that touches on a topic relevant to our Bible lesson for the day. This helps set the tone for listening ears and sets the stage for Biblical foundations to be laid. Next we transition to a time of praise through music. This is a lively and active time. We dance and sing and praise God together with music that is preschool friendly in its concepts, words and motions. We touch on the basic truth we are learning each month and the bottom line we want children to remember. We also recite and review the memory verse for the month. We use hand motions to help children remember the verse and we discuss how it applies to them today.  

In the next phase of our worship time children watch a short video segment that includes an introductory sketch providing a real-life situation that preschoolers can relate to and it connects their world to the Bible Story. Different characters are used in the sketch from week to week but preschoolers will squeal with joy when the animated Ollie the Owl makes his appearance each week and invites them to follow him through the TREEHOUSE window to learn a Bible story that reinforces the bottom line. The Bible story is written with age-appropriate language and told in an exciting and interactive manner. After the Bible story we meet up with our character actor again to make sure we “got the story”. Zach or Shea will recap the main idea from the Bible story and help us make a real life connection that is appropriate for preschoolers.  

When our video is over one of our preschool worship leaders will talk to the children about what they have seen and heard and will say a prayer. At this time children are dismissed back to their small group rooms to do a final follow up activity with the extended session volunteers. 

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6:30 PM—Wonderful Wednesday

3K, 4K and 5K enjoy a time of purposeful play participating in fun activities that support our weekly Bible story. Loving, caring teachers provide care for our babies and toddlers as well. We continue to reinforce the Three Basic Truths: God Made Me, God Loves Me and Jesus Wants to be My Friend Forever. This is a great time for preschoolers to connect with their friends and enjoy activities designed to teach God’s truths that will impact their everyday choices and actions.