It is our pleasure to care for your child while you are on our campus. Our goal is to provide a clean, safe environment where your child will discover that Green Valley is an active, fun-filled place to be. Here are some suggestions to help your visit go as smoothly as possible.

Security & Check-in

Our Preschool area is equipped with the Excellerate security sticker check-in system. When you arrive in our preschool area as a first time guest, you will be taken to our check-in desk where we will add your little ones(s) to our files. This is one time and only takes a minute. From here on out you are in our system and simply by entering your last name into the computer or by using our quick barcode scanning card you can quickly check your child in.

Parents are issued a two-part security sticker. The child is issued a sticker to wear during their time at GVBC. The sticker will have their first name, classroom assignment, security number and any special information such as allergies or toilet training notes. Parents receive a portion of that sticker and are required to return it to their child’s teacher when they pick up their child.

Should we need to get in touch with you concerning your child during the Worship Hour, your child’ security number will appear on our media screens in the worship center. This will alert you to return to your child’s room. Pagers are also available upon request.

We do rely on volunteer support from our members during our Sunday and Wednesday services. Every caregiver and committed volunteer has been given an extensive background check, and completed a thorough application. Volunteers receive training in our policies, guidelines and safety procedures.

While our preschool area is not locked during our service times we always have hall monitors and staff who have the responsibility of securing the area while our preschoolers are present. We consider it an honor and privilege to care for your child and seek to provide a safe, secure environment where they can come and learn how much Jesus loves them!

Procedures and Policies

General Policies:

  • Our rooms are open 15 minutes prior to regular scheduled services or on-campus activities that have prior reservations.
  • We ask that a parent or responsible adult always remain on campus while your child is in our care unless attending a Green Valley off-site activity.
  • Please see that items belonging to your child are properly labeled. We can print a label from our check-in system to help you in labeling your items if that is needed. Items to label include:

Diaper Bag
Bottles/Drinking cups

  • Please encourage your children to leave their personal toys at home. This will help avoid any confusion and will ensure your child’s special “treasures” are safe!
  • We have sign in sheets outside all of our infant and toddler classrooms.  We ask that you take a moment and write down any information we might need to know pertaining to your child’s feeding, napping or changing schedule for that visit.  Our workers are great at recording all this information for you on a parent information card so that you can know all the details about your child’s time with us.

Clothing Suggestions:

  • Please include a change of clothing each time your child comes to church. Spilling or soiling may occur and they will be much happier if they have familiar clothes to put on.  If an accident occurs we do have a limited amount of “extras” that you may borrow and wash and return.
  • For your child’s comfort and enjoyment, it is suggested that they be dressed in comfortable clothing that will not restrict free movement.  
  • We do sometimes get “crafty” but will do our best to protect clothing from getting stains and spills.  

Nursing Accommodations:
We provide a nursing room for your privacy. A hall monitor will be happy to help you locate the nursing room. If your child is nursing please take one of our pagers so we will be able to locate you in case your child becomes hungry before expected.

Feeding Policies:

  • Babies will be fed pre-measured formula, milk, or juice as provided only by the parent. Drinks need to be in plastic bottles or cups with their names clearly labeled on them. If your child needs to be fed immediately, you may be asked to stay and help feed so that the caregiver can give attention to all parents dropping off children.  
  • Each child (toddler through K5) will be provided with a snack. This will be posted at our check-in table for your review.  Time and circumstances do not allow for any other type of feeding.
  • If your child has any food allergies, it will be added to our database and printed on your child’s  check-in sticker. This will be clearly visible to all caregivers.  If our curriculum calls for special foods to be served or used during an activity those will be listed outside of each classroom. Please review this list and let your child’s teacher know if there is an allergy issue.  
  • Medications cannot be given by our staff. Please do not put any type of medication in your child’s bottle or cup.  

Healthcare Policies:

  • In order to prevent the spread of illness, children should be excluded from the childcare setting for the following:
  • Illness that prevents your child from comfortably participating in program activities
  • Fever/vomiting/diarrhea within the past 24 hours.  
  • Drainage or redness that could possibly be considered conjunctivitis (“pink eye”)
  • Head lice or scabies.  
  • Chickenpox, measles, mumps, tuberculosis, pertussis (“whooping cough”) and hepatitis A until deemed noninfectious by your physician
  • Impetigo, until 24 hours after treatment has been initiated
  • Streptococcal pharyngitis (“strep throat”) until 24 hours after treatment has been initiated.

Diaper Change Policies:
Our infants, toddlers and children in our two year old classes are provided with a diaper changing area in each room where the surface is cleaned frequently, a fresh disposable paper is put down, and precautionary measures are taken to prevent the spread of germs.  

  • Staff members always wear fresh latex-free gloves when changing a diaper.  
  • Parents should provide diapers for their child.
  • Staff will use church provided wipes unless parents provide a necessary alternative, due to allergies.
  • Each child is checked hourly for wet or soiled diapers.

In the event your child is potty training, please let us know at check-in and we will indicate this on your child’s check-in sticker. Please also let the caregiver know so they can help your child be as successful as possible. Make sure you send plenty of extra diapers, pull-ups or changes of clothes in case of accidents.