The Green Valley Baptist Weekday Program is a developmentally appropriate program for children ages 6 months through K5. We operate on a school-year calendar (mid-Aug. thru May) with regular school day hours of 9–1. Extended Care 7:00-4:30

It is our goal to provide:
• An environment where parents feel secure that their 
   children are in a loving, nurturing, Christian
   and where children are eager to come each day.

• A language-rich environment that encourages growth and
  development in listening, thinking, speaking, pre-writing
   and  pre-reading skills.

• Encouragement of social development and self-discipline
   through structured play activities and centers.

• Activities and opportunities which promote child
   self-confidence and self-esteem.

• Opportunity for growth through activities that stress the
  “process” rather than the “end” product.

We believe that learning is an active process that involves repetition and building upon what is already known and that preschoolers learn best through active, hands-on involvement. We are happy to offer music and physical education classes each week for all students and computer classes and weekly chapel for our K3–K5 students.

For further information call us at 205.822.6239 or fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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