Sunday Mornings

Children are challenged every Sunday to trust God, make wise choices and build lasting friendships.

Here is what a typical morning looks like:

9-9:15 AM
You may be wondering where to go when you arrive at Kid City. Kids will meet on the 3rd floor of building E. You'll find a check-in station where our team of people will greet you, guide you through the check-in process and personally escort you to where your child will begin their Kid City experience.

9:15 AM
First is large group time, where your child will hear about the month's Life Application. Our GV Kids Worship Team kicks things off with high energy worship. From there kids learn a Bible Story & its life application through music, skits, drama, video and object lessons to help make the message come to life! Each week we have one bottom line that we want Kids to walk away with and remember.

Then kids move into small group time where they participate in activities to reinforce the month's life application and bottom line.

At The End
10:15 AM
Parents will pick up kids in grades 1-5 from their small group room. Security tags will always be matched before releasing a child.

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Night is all about small groups! We believe life works best when we get out of rows & into circles. We want kids to see how God’s Word fits into their lives, to know Him, spend time with Him, and build friendships that will last. That’s why it is important to make sure your child connects with the same leader, same friends, at the same hour—every Wednesday.

Check-in 6:15-6:30 PM

GV Kids will be greeted in the lobby of 3rd floor building E by our team, then escorted to their room to join their small group leaders.

Wednesday night is where the Bible truth and “bottom line” is repeated from the previous week and reinforced to help kids understand its application to their life and how it can fit into their everyday life.

Each week they will learn through games and interactive activities. As an extra bonus, each small group will do mission projects to teach them to be a servant. 

Pick-up 7:15 PM
Parents, be sure to bring the security tag that must be matched before a child is released.